Are Mattresses Made In China Or The USA?

When you purchase a mattress at a local store, you may wonder where it was manufactured. There are some people that believe that most mattresses are produced in China, a place that we obtain many things from in the United States. Other people may believe that the USA is the primary contributor of all mattresses, especially those that are very expensive. Let’s look at where most of the mattresses in the world are produced, finally determining whether or not mattresses are primarily made in China or the USA.

Which Companies Produce Most of the Mattresses That We Purchase?

To understand where most of them are produced, you must first determine which companies are manufacturing most of them. There are five companies that produce nearly 70% of all of the mattresses that are made in the world. At the top of the list is a company called Serta, followed by Simmons, Sealy, Tempur-Pedic, and Select Comfort. About 20% of the remaining mattress manufacturers represent 15 companies. The remaining 10% of mattress producers are represented by all other businesses that produce mattresses regularly.

Where Are Most of These Mattresses Produced?

The company Serta is an American company. It was founded back in the 1930s. It currently produces 19.8% of all mattresses in the world that are produced in the United States. Simmons is also an American company, and it has manufacturing plants in both the United States and in Puerto Rico. The Sealy Corporation is based in Sealy Texas. Tempur-Pedic is also an American company. So also is Select Comfort. Based upon this information, it is clear that nearly 70% of all mattresses in the world are produced in the US.

What About the Other 30%?

The other 30% of the mattress producers are not just located in China. They are located all throughout the world. Even if China were to produce 20% of the remaining mattresses that are sold today, they are still far behind the top five companies that produce mattresses, all of which are American. The reason behind this could be that the United States has always had a foothold in this marketplace, and over time, has simply monopolized the mattress industry. They also have technology that they have incorporated into mattresses, such as memory foam, making these businesses even more popular.

The next time that you go to a mattress store, you may now understand why mattresses cost so much. The vast majority of the ones that you will find in department stores are going to be American made. If they were produced in China, due to the low cost of labor and materials to make the mattresses, they would be significantly lower. However, you may not be able to find the quality and durability of American mattresses that people around the world have come to expect. Although it is possible for people to order mattresses from China, the cost of shipping would simply make them just as expensive as those that are American-made. Until China becomes more aggressive with its marketing of mattresses, American mattress companies will likely remain the top producers in the world.

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