One of the biggest innovations in cell phone technology is the ability to use a cell phone as a GPS tracking device. Cell phone manufacturers began placing GPS receivers on all phones a few years ago so that 911 operators could see the exact location of the caller. If you call 911 from a mobile phone, the exact location will immediately appear on the operator’s computer screen. Can sprint track my phone if its off?

The best Sprint phone locator – Sprint family locator

One of the best ways to track a Sprint phone is to use the Sprint Family Locator application. Just download the application, log in, and then locate the Sprint phone you want to track.

This Sprint Tracker app gives the user unlimited options for searching and locating the Sprint phone in case the user accidentally loses the phone or is stolen. It has some of the best built-in functions that make it easier to control family members and ensure their safety.

Features you need to know about

There are a few important things you need to know about the Sprint Family Locator mobile phone tracking service before registering.

This is the only mobile phone tracking service that does not require downloading or installing special software on your phone. This makes it an ideal tool for tracking cell phones if you do not have a modern programmable smartphone

Sprint has built-in privacy features. The most important thing is: After the first registration, the phones that you have installed in the program will receive a text message saying that the phone is now part of the tracking network.

Can sprint track my phone if its off?

From time to time, Sprint may also send text messages reminding the phone user that he can be tracked.

The tracker must have a username and password to be able to track any particular phone. Sprint does this to protect user privacy and that not only everyone can track every old Sprint phone.

Alternative Sprint phone tracking application – Fast and efficient

Since there have been several complaints about users’ dissatisfaction with the Sprint Family Locator application, they can choose the best alternative they can find. A third-party application that is an ideal alternative to the Sprint Family Locator application is FamiGuard.

  • The FamiGuard app is better than the Sprint Family Locator app for tracking Sprint and stands out from other alternative third-party applications for the following reasons.
  • The location tracking feature in FamiGuard is very accurate and effective.
  • You can get the location of your Sprint phone in real time.
  • You can also check your Sprint location history at the required intervals.
  • You can even configure Geofencing to receive notifications of entry and exit from the border.
  • Not only the Sprint phone, but all other Android phones can be tracked using the FamiGuard app.
  • FamiGuard costs just $ 4.99 a month, which is cheaper compared to the Sprint Family Locator application.

This application has several other advanced features of phone monitoring, including network history tracking, application activity tracking, internet filter, screen display time, application usage monitoring and so many other functions,



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