When the clouds come and the wind rises, you know that bad weather is coming. Whether you’re driving home in heavy rain or waiting for a storm in the comfort of your living room, the violent wind and weather can be disturbing – especially when there is no electricity. In addition to the inconvenience of a lack of light and cables, when there is no power, you face other problems – for example, the inability to open garage doors. How to open a stuck garage door from the outside?

Since there is no power, the garage door opener without battery backup will not work after a power failure. Regardless of whether you entered the driveway and realized that you can not enter the house, or you are trapped inside without being able to take the car out of the garage, the door without power is a problem. When the wind and lightning flash, you can’t stop thinking – can you open the garage door manually? Regardless of the weather, we are here to help you move the door.

Manually closing and opening garage doors from the inside

Sometimes the problem is not locking – the garage door may not work properly when you and your vehicles are still in the garage.

If you can’t open the garage door from the outside, but you still have access to the garage through the house, don’t panic – it’s usually easier to open the garage door from the inside than from the outside. Many electronic garage doors are equipped with a bypass switch to bypass the system and manually raise it when needed.

To locate the bypass switch, look for a red rope hanging from the garage mechanisms. This emergency release link will be attached to the cart in the middle of the garage door. After pulling the cord, the automatic opening trolley, which normally opens and closes the door, is released from the trolley. Thanks to this, the door can slide freely on the trolley without the help of an electrical mechanism.

How to open a stuck garage door from the outside?

Before pulling the release rope, make sure the garage door is completely closed. If your garage door is partially open and the spring inside the door is broken, the garage door will fall when the cord is released. This can damage the garage door and anything that may be under the door when it falls. If the garage door is blocked, contact the service center to secure the door.

To disconnect the opener, pull the rope down and to the door. Many release lines for garage doors are equipped with a handle for easy gripping. Depending on the length of the string and the height of the garage, a ladder may be needed to reach the rope safely.

When the mechanism is successfully turned off, you will hear a “click”, which means that the engine is no longer connected to the door. You should then be able to easily raise the garage door. Grasp the door from below with both hands.


Even when fully opened, any door with broken springs or cables is likely to fall again if not supported. Doors with broken springs will fall quickly and firmly, so in such circumstances, make sure that the door can be supported or supported before leaving the car.



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